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Your decision to be married in the Church is an indication that the Christian faith and the sacramental life of the Church are important to you.

In the eyes of the Church, marriage is the sacramental union between a man and a woman as it is expressed in the Bible through Christ’s sacrificial relationship towards the Church When we say that a Christian marriage is a sacrament, we use that word to convey the depths of the bond you are about to enter into: As Christians, the sacrament of marriage is your oath of loyalty unto death to each other and – as a couple – your oath of loyalty unto death to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Divorce is permitted among Orthodox Jews, but only is religiously recognized when a husband grants a "get," the document formally dissolving a religious marriage.

Denying these documents is putting women in marital limbo.

He first needs to confirm that the couple is baptized “in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit”; that they are not in close blood or spiritual relation; that there is no more than 15 years of age difference between them, and that they are both of free marital status.

Nowadays, singles looking for love are trying online dating, introductions through family and friends, the gym, work, airports and even their doctor's waiting room.

Oriental Orthodox Churches trace their founding to the apostles and the apostles' earliest disciples, and to the teachings of St.

Cyril the Great and his core theology of “One nature of the Word Incarnate.” While the Oriental Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox Church are not in in communion with another, they have made steps, both formal and informal, towards resolving a division that dates to 451 CE.

SAVA CATHEDRAL, NYC Preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage We, as a parish, rejoice in the love that you, as a couple, share for one another and the commitment you have made to bring you to this day in preparation for your Orthodox Church marriage.

People worshipped God, brought him into their lives and in turn many unions occurred among his followers.

With more than 90 million singles in the United States alone, it's not quantity as much as it could be quality that's delaying people from finding that once-in-a-life-time connection.

People are constantly looking for creative ways to meet that special someone.

Before the Internet, speed dating and singles gatherings, attending Church was one of the best ways for a husband and wife to meet.