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Once she said about Zverev: “I suspect that this unevenness alone made him a legend.Wandering through the museum and absorbing Zverev’s momentary etudes, I suddenly realized why some time ago I so utterly fell in love with the artist…As a child she attended the ballet school attached to the Mariinsky Theatre and the Hermitage Museum art school.In 1998, Sobchak left the school attached to Herzen University, and enrolled at the Saint Petersburg State University (Department of International Relations).

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She is sometimes described as "Russia's Paris Hilton".

He lived life to the fullest being homeless, created amazing pictures having no workroom or paints, and desperately loved a woman 38 years older than himself…Zverev spent his whole life in Moscow, in the midst of cultural life, in the epicenter of the Russian avant-garde…

And exactly here, near the house of another Russian artist Vladimir Nemukhin, whom Zverev loved to visit, situated Zverev’s Museum.

She transitioned from a celebrity socialite into a political activist, and has been protesting alleged electoral fraud by the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

Sobchak is an anchor at an independent TV channel Dozhd and a member of the Russian Opposition Coordination Council.