Htc not updating push pages

You’ll then be able to download the latest version of Instagram that’s compatible with i OS6.Another way to continue using Instagram on your i Phone is to upgrade your phone’s software.When your computer keeps crashing or freezing, one of the best tools to fix it is Safe Mode.

The catch is that you have to dig pretty deep into the phone's settings to access areas you'd least expect.The official changelog for the latest update mentions that it “adds support for ES6 classes and provides stability and security fixes.” Whatever the exact cause, it has been a nightmare for those not realizing that it was Webview doing the damage. You can see a picture of this screen at the top of this post.While that’s not exactly the greatest fix, because this latest update did introduces “stability and security fixes,” it might save your phone in the interim.Apple i OSInstagram v2.0 and later versions are supported on i OS 4.2.1 and later.If you're not running this version of i OS or later, you'll continue to see the old version of Instagram.