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Among my friends and professional colleagues, the consensus is that Creed isn’t worth any price of admission or any time and energy expenditure needed to travel to any venue housing a Creed performance, because Creed is the worst.

Creed's Scott Stapp, Jim Carrey, Jenny Mc Carthy, and Jaclyn Stapp at the Saturday Night Spectacular eventfor Generation Rescue benefiting children with autism.

Fifteen-ish years ago, Creed was one of the most profitable rock bands in existence.

But I am the only living creature I know personally who’s been to any Creed concerts.

Durst later claimed his comments onstage weren’t meant to explain why Limp Bizkit was late.

The Florida-spawned butt-rock institution amassed a gargantuan following during that time, which means numerous Creed fans have gone to just as many, if not several more Creed concerts than I have.