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We told you yesterday that tongues are wagging that Nick Cannon has been quietly dating Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas from TLC after the two were spotted loving up on each other at a recent concert in Rochester.But, as Nick shared with Extra, while backstage at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports Awards, that isn’t exactly the case — no matter how elated he’d be if it were… Looks like he’s still keeping a vice grip on poor Mimi for now…So, we play and I end of talking to about 12 guys (I forget the exact number, but it like a lot, lol) in three minute spurts. I definitely met some characters, but that's not the crazy part.The day after the screening my mother was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital and as I'm walking out the hospital at 8 o'clock that night the man walking behind me stops me. I respect him as a comedian, so to work with was great because I could learn a lot. Honestly, I didn’t really buy the fact that I could play his younger brother because I look so young. Dating someone in the industry can be a pain in the sense that there can be an unspoken, subtle competitive attitude if somebody isn’t working and the other is; the egos can clash. Then it can also be a great thing and a pro to have someone understand the dynamics of the business; like when there’s a role that you didn’t get. I’ve done both and find it a lot easier when it’s someone not affiliated. I’m the kind of guy that people stare at when you go to the grocery store but can’t place where they’ve seen.

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Wesley Jonathan: We all like to think that we’re cool. Such cruelty is brushed off as good fun; your entertainment is the only desire of writer/director Joseph A.Elmore Jr., who buys subplots in bulk and drops in music videos when there’s any sign of slowing down. Many may remember him as the curly haired kid from “City Guys” and “What I Like About You”, but Wesley Jonathan has been around since the days of “21 Jump Street”, “A Different World” and “Thea”. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in a positive way. Producer: Mekita Faiye Cast: Wesley Jonathan, Chico Benymon, Mekita Faiye, Leonard Armond Robinson, Vanessa Simmons, Holly Robinson Peete, Nick Chinlund Genre: Comedy MPAA Rating: PG-13 Official Website: Out Why Wesley Jonathan Is TOO COOL!